Last update: 10/09/2019

"Pagers" are the means by which we can share and start new research ideas and collaborations. Pager, short for "one and a half pager", is a document that details a new research topic that somebody in the network wishes to work on, in a brief and easily digestible way. For more details, please consult the terms of use.

If you have a research question/idea, we invite you to write a pager, using the template. Download the form here.


  1. Ossi et al. Impact of roads on wildlife: a quasi-experimental approach at the continental level
  2. Bonnot et al. The effect of COVID-19 restrictions of human activity on wildlife diurnality
  3. G. Singh-Varma Evaluating connectivity of high nature value agricultural areas
  4. C. Benjamin Agricultural habitat selection under an availability and structural gradient- wild boar and roe deer
  5. A. Benten The influence of fencing and crossing structure on Wildlife road crossing and WVC in Germany
  6. M. Bil Road-crossing behaviour in ungulates across Europe.
  7. K. Conteddu Modelling the effect of human pressures on wildlife social-networks and diseases spread

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  1. N. Ferry., C. Fiderer et al. Assessing changes in the spatio-temporal behaviour of wildlife during the COVID-19 lockdown
  2. C. Nogueira Joint estimation of European wildcat (Felis silvestris) density across Europe
  3. M. Henrich et al. Amending the „Random Encounter Model“ with location-specific habitat and speed estimates

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