What is EuroIbex?



The EuroIbex project takes advantage from the experience of the EURODEER and other EUROMAMMALS networks. First of all, it is an open network of researchers who collaborate sharing data and knowledge to produce better science, based on a spatial database that stores shared spatial animal ecology data. This spatial database, built upon open source software (PostgreSQL + PostGIS  and hosted at Fondazione Edmund Mach, can be connected to a large set of client applications (GIS, web interfaces, statistics) to help storing, managing, accessing and analysing harmonized data from several research groups throughout Europe.


The ultimate goal of the EUROIBEX project is to investigate ecological aspects that require the collaboration and data sharing of multiple institutes and researchers. Joining knowledge and information from different study areas and research projects opens up many perspectives to generalise findings beyond the single colonies. The final goal is to produce knowledge and in particular to support a science-driven conservation of this iconic species. In a nutshell:


Data sharing is only one of the elements. In fact, what is peculiar to EUROIBEX and other EUROMAMMALS networks is that the collation, quality control, standardization and sharing of data is done within the network itself, as an essential for a high-quality of the science produced from the data.

The activities of the project that underpin the intense and motivating collaboration between researchers based on the shared data and tools can be summarized as follow:

  • Effectively store and archive ibex location data across the entire Alpine range, and beyond for other ibex species
  • Encourage collaborations to work on several aspects of animal ecology jointly
  • Inspire discussions to identify research gaps
  • Promote accessibility of large scale datasets to address research questions at multiple spatio-temporal scales, as approved by data owners
  • Promote education of young researchers, particularly on topics related to data management, movement ecology and collaborative science
  • Promote an open approach to science, which include both data sharing and use and development of open source tools


The idea of EUROIBEX has been proposed to the meeting of 'Ibex European Group' in October 2019. The groups had been collaborating for years, witht he goal to join forces for Ibex conservation and monitoring. The availability of sensor-based data, and the need to integrate even further data and knowledge spurred the idea to join the EUROMAMMALS network to share and manage the spatial data.

EuroIbex is a dynamic project and we are all very open to new interesting perspectives and ways to explore the data that will be progressively included in the database. Any contribution and active participation to the project are very welcome! You are very welcome to contact us.